How do you shape something as intangible as mindset?


Creating a mindset in which people are truly invested rather than just compliant might seem unattainable. The intangible nature of your team’s state of mind can make it difficult to know where to start.

However, it can be as simple as examining the day-to-day interactions of the people in your organization and then setting a standard for how those need to take place. For example, a leader might say to his organization: We expect every single person to understand where we’re headed as reflected in our vision and strategy…and to be able to link what they’re doing every day to that vision and to the ways we’re measuring our success.

You set that as the minimum standard you expect, and you ensure your managers are a) clear on what you’re asking, b) fully committed… yes, I’m in! and c) driving it forward within their own teams.

Then, you watch the behavior. Are people lining up and questioning and challenging how their day-to-day work lines up with the objectives, vision and direction of the organization?  How do people respond when you ask them what they’re doing that connects to the vision?  Do they understand it?

Hold town halls, walk the offices and know that it’s a never-ending process. Jack Welch said, values are forever in an organization and you’ve got to hammer away at them year after year. You never give up.

Up next: The fundamental requirement for fulfilling your vision: trust.

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