Trust: The Missing Link in Your Strategic Plan

Trust is well-recognized as an essential component of personal and professional relationships. But the impact of trust — or more accurately, the lack of trust on an organization’s ability to craft and implement a strategic plan is also critical. This presentation explores the ways in which a strategic plan may be rapidly and effectively developed and implemented — or stifled and stagnated — by the levels of trust within an organization.

Are the leaders of the organization willing to be up front with each other? Do team members have confidence in their colleagues’ ability to deliver on the commitments they make? Do leaders believe the real issues are being discussed, or are personal agendas and egos getting in the way?

Truly effective strategic planning requires everyone in the organization to think bigger and act more boldly — both of which are directly correlated with the levels of trust. Without trust, politics, positioning and hidden agendas rule the day.

In this 90-minute keynote speech, Josh Leibner, co-author of The Power of Strategic Commitment: Achieving Extraordinary Results through TOTAL Alignment and Engagement, shows your organization how to assess and dramatically increase the levels of trust across the board, from the C-suite to the frontlines. This highly engaging presentation will cover:

  • How to establish the critical link between strategic planning and trust;
  • The four main elements that lead to our assessment of whether or not another person or department is trustworthy;
  • A tried and true method for building and restoring trust among coworkers and within teams;
  • Three strategies for dealing with individuals or groups when trust is broken;
  • The critical ways to monitor the levels of trust in your organization.

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