You helped us to align around common objectives, set extraordinary goals, communicate more effectively, and engage the entire organization in increasing success. MSL now recognizes [our Arden Hill factory] as the most successful site within MSL, and one that always meets commitments.

Margit Elo
US Operations

Thank you for the tremendous support you have provided to me personally as well as my organization over the past year. Overall, our results were exceptional … [including a] 64% revenue growth year-over-year, with a return on sales of 27.5%. … While these results certainly reflect the quantitative impact of our partnership, equally important to me were the ways in which you enabled us to strengthen our leadership skills and culture-change capabilities.

Edison F. Peres
Senior Vice President, Cisco Systems

You very quickly managed to gain acceptance and trust, a major achievement in the negative climate prevailing in the organization at that time. … Overall, we made significant progress, and I thank you for the contribution that you made to that success.

Finbarr Flood
Chairman, Irish Labour Court (Retired)
Managing Director, Guinness Dublin (Retired)

You facilitated my efforts in leading the team from being tactical and reactive to being strategic and proactive. [We have] driven $8 million in savings to the bottom line, which represents a 12% reduction in occupancy costs over the past 18 months.

John Parro
Former VP of U.S. Real Estate Services
Harris Bank

In a short period of time … we created a new culture, a new spirit, and a new future for our organization. We beat our expense budget by more than $100 million …

Anthony L. Marano
Formerly: Real Estate Vice President
Lucent Technologies

I consider the Strategic Commitment methodology you have employed within our Treasury group to be one of the most simple, elegant and effective strategy design and implementation processes I have encountered. Given the years I spent as a strategy consultant myself, this is quite an achievement.

My profound thanks for all your help over these past years. I look forward to continuing our journey together in the months and years to come.

Jeff Norris
Senior Vice President, Investor Relations
Capital One

I was just doing a PowerPoint for a big meeting that I need to do next week; it is an InfoShare to our Techincal Claims group of 1700 people. One of the slides, which I am using as a close, shows the objectives we started out with in Technical Claims (more than two years ago) and how they formed the basis for all that has been accomplished. We really are very ahead of some other parts of the company in what we came up with at that meeting!

The staying power of the work you helped us do on our Strategic Commitment means it was time very well spent for my team and me. I look forward to working together again in the future.

David Siesko
Executive Vice President, Technical Claims
Zurich North America

With two distinct organizations, your Strategic Commitment process helped us align on a clear and compelling vision and set of key objectives, and do so in a way that ensured everyone was fully bought into what we wanted to accomplish and the leadership style we wanted to embrace. The progress we made was excellent; we were able to take a group with tenuous connections and some amount of skepticism-even cynicism-and transform it into a high-performing, closely-knit team that was given increasing levels of responsibility due to our consistent, reliable performance.

My group’s performance, as well as their ability to partner effectively both internally and externally, benefited greatly from your support and coaching.

I look forward to working together in the future.

David Hummelberg
Managing Vice President, U.S. Card
Capital One

Josh, this is a long-delayed note to thank you for everything that you and Terry have done over the last several years to support our Actuarial Community initiative–and to support me personally. As you know, I went into that endeavor with a fair amount of trepidation, in part because of the unknown territory we were entering, and in part because of the amount of time and energy I knew it would take. You bolstered my courage on many occasions (and gave me an occasional shove in the right direction when needed). While we didn’t resolve every issue, I am proud of what we accomplished.

Helen Galt
SVP, Chief Risk Officer
& Company Actuary
Prudential Financial