Crafting a Bold, Compelling Vision for Your Organization

Corporations and business units often expend enormous amounts of time and energy developing visions of the future that are intended to provide purpose, direction and inspiration to organizational leaders and their teams. Unfortunately, these efforts can be tedious, draining and mind-numbingly consensus-oriented, culminating in something any organization up and down the proverbial street could have crafted, such as “World Class Performance,” “Increased Shareholder Value” or “Industry Leader.”

The problem with all of these well-intended clichés is that they don’t capture the spirit, temperament and personality of the organization, and therefore fail to articulate anything that distinguishes this entity from any other player on the block.

In this 90-minute interactive keynote, Josh Leibner, co-author of The Power of Strategic Commitment: Achieving Extraordinary Results through TOTAL Alignment and Engagement, walks your leadership team through the key steps neded to craft a vision that can inspire everyone in the organization to give their all. This highly engaging presentation will cover:

  • The starting place for visioning: telling the truth about the current state of your organization;
  • The critical distinctions between vision, strategy, objectives and company values, and how all of these elements are essential;
  • The five simple — but profound — questions your vision must answer;
  • How to fully engage your people in the vision so their day-to-day work lines up with its fulfillment;
  • How to keep your vision alive and relevant over time.

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