Trust Assessment

Strategic Commitment Group Trust Survey


Managers are honest with employees about the challenges the organization is facing.

People consistently deliver on the commitments they make to each other.

When people say “yes”, they can be counted on to follow through; they do not need to be chased or reminded repeatedly.

We operate transparently; no one worries about hidden agendas.

People always have the good of the company in mind; there is no empire building or turf contests.

People give each other honest and direct feedback; they do not talk behind each other’s backs.

When mistakes happen, people take ownership for them without blame, excuses or finger pointing.

People have confidence that senior management knows how to accomplish the strategic objectives they have set for the organization.

When people have issues with another individual or department, they go directly to someone who can do something about the situation. They do not engage in hallway conversations.

People are not afraid to speak up in meetings and say whatever is needed to advance the discussion.

People will speak to whomever they need to in order to resolve an important issue, regardless of level of function.

People feel valued and appreciated by their managers.